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The first step towards recovery can often be an intervention. Interventions are used as a way to guide an addicted individual into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Treatment center staff suggest the use of a therapist, doctor, or trained and licensed interventionist (an intervention professional) to conduct the intervention for the best results.

Interventions help the addicted person by successfully convincing them to enter a treatment program. Additionally, intervention helps the friends and loved ones of the addicted individual by providing them a safe environment to communicate their fears, frustration, and anger. It’s not enough to rely solely on the strength of will power to overcome drug abuse. Everyone needs help at some point during the process.

Getting help from experts, like drug and alcohol abuse specialists, is an excellent way to start the journey towards getting clean and sober, or to help a loved one or friend overcome the debilitating disease of addiction.

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Treatment for dependency has come so far in the last ten years. It’s now standard procedure to treat drug and alcohol abuse like any other illness, such as cancer, that requires specially designed treatment and medication to defeat. Treatment programs are tested and proven to have great results.

Contact 646-930-7325 to speak to an addiction specialist in our New York, NY area facility for more information regarding drug addiction, interventions, drug, and alcohol detoxification rehab, or treatment facilities.

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