Albany, NY’s Drug and Alcohol Use

Although sometimes confused for the big New York City, the capital of New York state is in fact Albany. It’s just a little bit smaller than New York City though, as only a little under 100,000 people call Albany home. As the center of the state government, Albany gets a lot of attention from the media, especially during an election year. However, one problem that doesn’t get as much attention is the alcohol and drug dependency rising in the community. In particular, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are the most commonly abused drugs in the New York area. For anyone suffering from addiction to these substances, around 35 treatment centers in the Albany, NY area are ready to help.

Drug Statistics on Albany, NY

Drug addiction can affect large amounts of people in any community and any walk of life. In 2014, nearly 80,000 people sought addiction treatment for heroin in New York state. Certain substances like heroin have seen an increase in both addiction and overdose rates nationwide. Heroin isn’t the only drug to seek treatment for. Here are a few facts about drug usage in New York State:

  • Between 2009 and 2013, 5.3% of individuals over 12 years old suffered from alcohol addiction and required treatment
  • Between 2012 and 2013, 2.8% of people said they were dependent on illicit drugs
  • Only 12.8% of people addicted to illicit substances reported seeking and receiving treatment

Drug use is not only a problem in our country but a growing one that needs to be addressed. On a personal level, anyone suffering from addiction that needs help can now find it. Our professionals are ready to help you discover the kind of treatment facility that you need. You can start your healing process from addiction today by calling us at 402-268-9960.

Get Addiction Treatment in Albany

Since Albany is a smaller town and in a more rural area than the big apple, local treatment options may be limited. Knowing where to search for possible rehab centers can be confusing, so here’s a brief rundown of what to expect:

  • While many detox services can be found in Albany, only a single facility offers inpatient hospital treatment
  • The same applies to outpatient care, with many detox options but only one treatment center offers an outpatient care plan
  • Lots of long term treatment options exist for Albany residents, and a handful of short term treatment programs can be found as well
  • Fortunately, almost all rehab and treatment center facilities take Medicaid and Medicare. Some even offer plans for payments to be broken up and paid overtime. 
  • New York State does an excellent job of including specific programs within their rehab centers. Such as trained care for people who have endured abuse or those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Opioid rehab centers are also offered in several New York facilities in the Albany area.

Even if you aren’t able to find a solution in Albany itself, we can help scour the entire state to find a rehab center that fits your needs. There are many different lengths of rehab programs as well. Therefore, read more about 30-day60-day, and 90-day addiction treatment programs in New York state.

Benefits of Remote Rehab Treatment

Smaller towns like Albany have a communal, friendly atmosphere that’s a lot more laid back than the big city life in New York. However, sometimes being from a small town means that you are closer to your temptations and problems. Consequently, seeking a rehab center outside of Albany may be the best option. In the whole of New York state there are plenty of top-quality treatment programs, so consider if leaving your hometown for treatment is right for you.

Addiction Solutions in a Remote Area

Some great advantages exist for seeking treatment outside of Albany and looking at the surrounding area. Being able to open up your options allows you to pick the highest quality rehab center that you can find, regardless of location. The peaceful nature of remote addiction treatment helps many people focus their time and attention on fixing their drug habits.

Allowing for some distance between home and the facility helps take away the pressure to reuse that some familiar environments give us. By putting forth the effort to travel extensively for treatment, the patient realizes that this is a big step in life, and is, therefore, more likely to complete the program. In short, it’s important to have the right approach to recovery.

Long term and short term residential treatment programs are potential options for clients that need them. Hospital inpatient care exists for those who need added attention and time during recovery. On the other hand, outpatient care is offered for patients with hectic schedules. Whatever the need of your or a loved one is, there is a type of treatment program to fit them.

Benefits of leaving Albany for Addiction Treatment

By taking the time to travel for treatment, the patient can see a lot of psychological benefits. Being able to relax in a new environment allows people to spend more energy on psychologically healing from their addictions. Below is a brief list of the benefits that remote area rehab treatment can provide:

  • Starting new in an unfamiliar area
  • Traveling can help motivate people to complete treatment
  • The support of a community of like-minded recovering addicts
  • A facility that protects identity and privacy
  • Always having medical assistance and care
  • Fewer temptations available to reuse and relapse into addiction

Even more, can be found out by speaking over the phone to an addiction expert today, so don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more.

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

The first thing to check when researching treatment centers is to make sure that the facility is accredited to treat people for substance abuse. These types of treatment facilities will use evidence-based practices to make sure that you make progress towards sobriety. For locating aftercare support services, rehab centers are often the best authorities on aftercare programs in the local area.

Any patient who is struggling with payment for addiction care is welcome to try Medicare and Medicaid programs for coverage. Regardless of what obstacles are between you and treatment, we can help you find a way around them.

Addiction Treatment in Albany

With increased cocaine, heroin, and marijuana usage among Albany residents, drug education is an important part of understanding how to find help. When drugs creep into our neighborhoods and decimate lives, it’s important to get those people connected with assistance. As a result, there are many addiction treatment options in Albany waiting to help. There are plenty of advantages to seeking treatment near your hometown as well. Here are a few important benefits of local are drug treatment:

  • By spending more time in an outpatient program, the patient has a higher likelihood of completing said program
  • Local area rehab facilities have higher percentages of clients attend aftercare support services
  • Sticking close to home for treatment allows for supportive loved ones to provide whatever help they can throughout the treatment process
  • Nearby rehab facilities make meeting other people who are also recovering addicts in their area easier. This allows opportunities for sharing valuable lessons and supporting each other.

Meeting others who are in your same boat is another great advantage of local area addiction treatment. The aftercare services that rehabs have knowledge of can be particularly useful to a recovering drug addict. It’s important that the right location gets chosen for the treatment center. There are plenty of choices up and down the state for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

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The drug addiction rates in Albany can be stopped, but it requires a collective effort. Anyone who knows someone who may be affected now knows a phone number where help can be reached. If you know of someone who may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, then get them connected to professionals who can help. Treatment for addiction is nothing more than a phone call away. Give us a call at 402-267-9960 and start getting rid of addiction now.