Drug Problems in Rochester, NY

Hundreds of thousands of people refer to Rochester, NY as home. It’s easy to understand why: Rochester has the lowest real estate prices of any city in New York. Rochester was even named the most livable city in America. However, this beautiful town isn’t known for being completely perfect either. Drug addiction and overdoses have been observed in large numbers over recent years. There are almost 40 separate addiction treatment centers for residents of Rochester to seek medical care at.

Drug Statistics on Rochester, NY

The use of drugs is something that can turn into a harmful addiction fairly quickly, especially with substances like heroin and fentanyl. With a poverty rate of 32.60% within Rochester, many impoverished families find cheap and dangerous drugs like heroin easily available on the streets. Heroin itself is a major contributor to the drug overdose levels in Rochester. Of course, many other drugs besides heroin have infiltrated our neighborhoods and require treatment. Below is a shortlist of drug facts centered around Rochester, NY:

  • Between January 1st and March 31, 2018, 262 overdoses were reported in all of Monroe County
  • The average age of death for a person in Rochester who passed from a heroin overdose is 36
  • In 2018, 3,214 patients were admitted into state-certified opioid addiction treatment centers in the greater Rochester area

Drug use isn’t unique to Rochester, and it’s been a growing problem nationwide for a larger part of twenty years. However, there is still hope for those in Rochester still stuck in the mires of addiction. There maybe be scarce treatment options in upstate New York, but we can help find the right one for you. Call 402-268-9960 and work on turning your life around today.

Find Addiction Treatment in Rochester

Rochester, being in the northernmost part of the state, only has approximately 39 rehab center within city limits. Figuring out which centers offer what services can be even more frustrating, so here is a brief shortlist of available services to help:

  • A single treatment center offers hospital inpatient care, but patients will have to travel for detox services
  • Rochester has no shortage of facilities offering standard or intensive outpatient treatment, as well as outpatient detox services
  • Regardless of whether you need long term or short term programs, both types can be found at many centers in Rochester
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and payment assistance plans are commonly accepted throughout almost all Rochester rehab centers
  • Most treatment facilities in the city offer a great deal of specialized services like LGBTQ+ counseling and domestic abuse victim treatment
  • A handful of Rochester rehabs offer SAMHSA-certified opioid treatment programs as well

We can help set you up with a specific treatment center in Rochester. If there isn’t a center in Rochester to accommodate your needs, then we can still help find one in the greater New York state area. Therefore, read more about 30-day60-day, and 90-day addiction treatment programs for residents near Rochester, NY.

Why Travel to Receive Treatment

Rochester isn’t as big as New York City, so there aren’t as many treatment options within the city itself. However, this can be an advantage for those seeking addiction treatment centers. Looking or treatment outside your primary city means that you can experience the benefits of receiving care in relative solitude. Many top quality treatment programs exist all over the state of New York, so consider what option is best for you.

Travel to Receive Addiction Treatment

Broadening your search area to outside your hometown will help find all the possible rehab centers that may fit your needs somewhere else. When location isn’t a limiting factor in where you go, then you can choose the highest quality center, which may be located in the middle of nowhere. The remote nature of some treatment programs is designed on purpose to help patients relax and focus on getting their lives back to normal.

By traveling so far just to receive treatment for addiction, patients open themselves up to seeing this rehab program as a huge new chapter in life. Patients are more likely to be committed to and finish the treatment program if they spend time and effort traveling to the facility. Having the right approach to recovery also means having the right location in mind.

Both long term and short term treatment options exist for those that need them in Rochester. While hospital inpatient programs are scarce within city limits, many more can be found in other parts of the state. Meanwhile, outpatient care is offered throughout the land. If you have a set of specific needs, we can help you match them with the right treatment facility.

Why Travel to Get Addiction Assistance

A lot of benefits for mental health exist by traveling for rehab treatment. A new and unfamiliar environment makes the patient focus on going forward with the process, and only putting attention on getting back to a stable, sober, and successful life. Here are some advantages to what a remote treatment facility can provide:

  • Getting a new start in a new town
  • Traveling helps serve as motivation to finish treatment
  • A surrounding community of like-minded, recovering drug and alcohol users
  • A private facility that respects privacy
  • Nonstop access to vital medical and addiction care
  • Getting space away from people and places that cause temptation to reuse

An addiction expert can also speak with you over the phone to answer any questions you may have, and provide even more benefits to seeking treatment outside your hometown

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

Finding a facility that’s accredited is an important step in finding the right place to take care of your addiction. The rehab in question should be able to provide evidence-based treatments for its patients. Rehabs are also fantastic resources for getting in touch with aftercare support services once the treatment program has concluded.

Medicare and Medicaid are also viable payment options if rehab centers accept them. Occasionally payment plans are offered by the rehab center itself. We can help you sort through all of the complex information, so just give us a call at the number below.

Learn More About Rochester Addiction Treatment

With substances like heroin increasing in usage across the country, it’s more important than ever stay educated on how these drugs affect our towns and neighborhoods. When addiction seeps into someone’s life and makes them feel like everything is hopeless, it’s critical that addicts get the help and support they need to receive treatment. Thus, almost forty rehab treatment centers in the Rochester area are waiting to treat the most vulnerable members of our community. There are many benefits to receiving local area care. Below are just a few benefits of local rehabs:

  • More time spent in a local outpatient program translates to a higher likelihood of completing treatment
  • Local rehab facilities have higher numbers of people attend local aftercare support services as well
  • Staying nearby home when receiving treatment allows for loved ones to always be close by for complete support
  • A local treatment center will allow patients to meet more people in their area, and connect with other recovering addicts for support and experience

Building a sense of community and a caring atmosphere is one of the most rewarding and productive things that can be done for a recovering addict. The aftercare services being provided help patients not only get sober, but know how to stay sober as well. Location is an important part of facility choice. There are many benefits as well, so consider what type of treatment may be best for your situation.

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We can work together to help limit the amount of drug overdoses in Rochester. If someone you know of may be struggling with an addiction problem, then you now know who to call to setup help. An addiction expert can answer any and all questions that you may have. All it takes to change someone’s life is a quick phone call. Reach out to us at 402-267-9960 and turn your life or the life of a loved one around today.