The Drug Problem in New York City

The largest city in the country, New York City, is thought to be the crossroads of the world. With over 8 million people calling the place home, you can be sure to find plenty of everything in the big apple. A city filled with over 800 languages, this diverse hub of cultures is host to many different types of people. Along with this hustle and bustle comes increased drug trafficking to insert these dangerous substances into our neighborhoods. New York has seen an increase in drug overdoses, particularly from the use of synthetic opioids like fentanyl. Furthermore, nearly 600 addiction treatment facilities can be found in the greater New York City area.

Drug Statistics on New York City, NY

Drug addiction is something that drags life down, but can also be potentially harmful or fatal. It’s important to understand how these substances are affecting our communities. In particular, drugs like opioids account for 80% of all drug overdose deaths. The following statistics are from a 2019 drug report on New York City from the local government:

  • Someone dies of a drug overdose in New York City every seven hours
  • More New Yorkers pass away yearly from drug overdoses than homicides, suicides, and car crashes combined
  • Fentanyl, a lab-based opioid, was involved in half of all overdose deaths

The substance is a very real issue that requires real treatment and care to solve. The people around the addict want to do everything they can to help. With almost 700 rehab centers in the New York City area, finding treatment is now easy and stress-free. We are here to help you connect yourself or someone you know to resources that can heal drug addiction. Call 402-268-9960 and get your new life started today.

Addiction Treatment in New York City

New York City is abundant with many different treatment facilities to choose from. Since it can be difficult knowing where to look at first, here are some service you can find offered in the city:

  • Many facilities offer hospital inpatient programs with detox and other treatment services
  • There are numerous outpatient care facilities with detox treatments and both standard and intensive services
  • Both short term and long term program options exist in New York City
  • There is no shortage of rehab centers in New York City that accept Medicare, Medicaid, or payment assistance plans
  • Patients who need specialized care like LGBTQ+ services or domestic abuse treatment can find these unique programs within New York City rehabs
  • Many facilities in New York City include SAMHSA-certified opioid treatment centers

New York City provides the best array of choices for addiction treatment, and more available rehab centers than just about any city in the country. As a result, you can find the highest quality treatment in the country as well. Nonetheless, we will be here to walk you through the process and help you find the center that could change your life for the better.

Leaving New York City for Addiction Treatment is Possible

New York City’s nature as a place with nonstop action and life means that there can be constant temptation as well. Sometimes it helps patients if they can get away from the same streets and buildings that introduced them to their drug habits. Therefore, a rehab center in another part of the city or state might be the best alternative. There are plenty of options for treatment throughout New York state, and benefits abound for seeking treatment outside your hometown.

Addiction Treatment Away from New York City

While plenty of choices exist for treatment within New York City itself, there are many reasons to seek help outside the city as well. For instance, by looking for treatment solutions anywhere in the region, there is the possibility to choose a top quality facility that wouldn’t have been possible within the city. Sometimes it’s just about getting some peace and quiet in a remote location.

Another reason to seek out a remote treatment center is the fact that putting distance between the patient and what caused the addiction can sometimes help the person relax and focus on recovery. Likewise, traveling to a rehab center emphasizes that this is a brand new phase in life, and this could help motivate many people to complete their treatments. Outlook is everything, so making sure that the patient is mentally ready to overcome their challenges is very important.

Both long and short-term treatment options are available depending on the patient’s needs. Whether you need a hospital inpatient our outpatient care, we can help you find what you need. Additionally, those treatment solutions are within reach and can be found by reaching out with a phone call.

Benefits of Travel

Traveling to a rehab facility helps bring peace of mind to the patient. The atmosphere of relaxation and attention helps patients put the necessary work in to become former addicts. Here are just a few positives of seeking treatment at a remote facility:

  • Getting a new start in a new area
  • Traveling helps motivate patients to complete treatment
  • Being surrounded by supportive and like-minded individuals
  • A remote facility protects the patient’s privacy
  • Medical care available around the clock
  • Less opportunity for temptation and relapse

You can learn even more about addiction treatment by talking over the phone with an addiction expert. Reach out today for a helping hand to kick your addiction.

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

Evidence-based treatment methods should be used by the rehab facility to give the patient the right tools to succeed. The rehab center also needs to be accredited to provide treatment for drug and alcohol abuse victims. Direct contact with rehab centers is often the best way to connect with aftercare support services in the respective region.

Payment plans are also offered to help those who can’t rely on insurance or Medicaid to help them with their bills. Always stay aware of your treatment options and understand we are a source that you can always reach out to.

More New York City Addiction Treatment Information

Drug overdoses have been rising in New York City over the past decade. Drug problems like this have crept into New York City’s boroughs and affected lives throughout all neighborhoods. Despite the danger of overdoses, there are many treatment options to get help if addiction has taken over your life or someone you know and love. Furthermore, we can help you find that critical treatment in town or city. Below are just a few benefits of attending a rehab facility nearby:

  • The more time spent by the patient in an outpatient program, the more likely they are to finish that program
  • Local rehab centers generally have higher rates of patients attending aftercare services once the program ends
  • Staying near your hometown gives family and friends the opportunity to provide support

Additionally, being able to network and meet other addict in your area that have gone through similar challenges. Having a community of recovered addicts to lean on for help and advice is one of the best upsides of rehab treatment. A rehab center that can get you in touch with local alcoholics or narcotics anonymous could be a helpful networking opportunity as well. The right location could help bring motivation and stability to your life. With so many choices throughout New York City, let us help you find one of the 700 quality rehab centers to get you clean and sober.

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