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For over a decade, we have been helping men and women in the New York, NY area overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Substance abuse destroys families, friendships, and relationships. Those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction commonly don’t know that they need help or don’t know who to ask for help. Recovery is also impeded by a culture that keeps addiction quiet out of humiliation or shame.

End the cycle of negativity! Our professionals know that recovery is possible, and everyone has the ability to conquer their addiction and change their life. To talk to an addiction professional, call 646-930-7325 now!

Risks of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is the cause of many physical illnesses and medical problems, and also leads to or complicates psychological disorders. Perhaps the best-known effects of drug and alcohol abuse are liver problems, such as steatosis (fatty liver), alcoholic hepatitis (liver inflammation), fibrosis (formation of excessive tissue within the liver), and cirrhosis (hardening). Since the liver is the organ where many pollutants are removed from the body, a non-functioning liver can be fatal. Other organs are also in jeopardy, including the pancreas, which produces toxins when in the presence of alcohol, leading to pancreatitis. Many forms of cancer can result from alcohol abuse, including mouth, esophagus, throat, liver, and breast cancer. Additionally, drinking – even excessive drinking on a single occasion – cripples the immune system and causes users to be susceptible to illnesses like pneumonia and the flu. Heart damage, stretching of the heart, abnormal heartbeat, and stroke are other severe medical problems common among alcoholics and alcohol abusers.

The mind is adversely affected as a result of alcohol use as well. Even binge drinking can have unhealthy effects, like:

  • lowered inhibitions

  • motor impairment

  • confusion

  • coma

  • breathing problems

  • death

Drinking alcohol also increases the risk of:

Individualized Rehabilitation Programs

A customized therapy plan is the best way to deal with alcoholism, since every client is a unique individual with different needs. Rehabilitation programs can be completed in 28 days, 60 days, or 90 days, depending on the client’s treatment requirements, and are both reasonably priced and effective. Normally, the longer an addict stays in rehab, the more effective the therapy is, and the more likely they are to achieve their sobriety goals. Every patient is evaluated during the intake period at our facility, in order to design the most effective treatment plan. Not only do they offer custom-created rehab plans at affordable outpatient prices, but their programs include the same 24-hour monitored care expected in high quality, inpatient facilities.

How We Can Help

Depending on the severity of alcohol use disorder, detoxification may be necessary before treatment can start. Particularly for severe alcoholics, detoxification without clinical assistance can be unhealthy, or even deadly. Side effects of alcohol withdrawal often vary from moderate to very dangerous, including:

  • shakiness

  • irritability

  • headache

  • vomiting

  • insomnia

  • rapid heart rate

  • pupil dilation/ constriction

  • visual hallucinations

  • blackouts

Rehab centers near you offer a safe atmosphere supervised by clinical personnel to detox from alcohol. Rehab for alcohol use disorders is extremely important because detox only breaks the physical dependence on the substance and does not address the underlying issues of addiction. In order to actually experience recovery, rehabilitation, or treatment, it is truly the best option. If you or someone you love is in the New York, NY area and in need of inpatient rehab, give us a call at 646-930-7325 now!