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Detox Rehab Centers NY helps patients take the first step toward recovery from substance dependency by utilizing safe, supervised clinical facilities and custom-designed detox regimens. Detoxification, or detox, eliminates accumulated drugs by purging them from the body. It’s important to know that the ‘cold turkey’ method is most often inappropriate, and potentially dangerous or even deadly. Because detox specifications vary from person to person and are different for each and every addiction, Detox Facilities New York, NY uses safe and medically verified strategies, providing a custom-created process for each client.  Detox, however, shouldn’t be mistaken for drug and/or alcohol treatment since detox alone cannot prevent relapse. Contact Help Care Addiction Recovery to speak with a knowledgeable detox specialist. Call 646 930-7325 immediately!

Kinds of Detox

The two types of detox most frequently used in detox facilities are known as medically supervised withdrawal and social detoxification. Health care specialists may select either method, depending on:

  • the type of substance being abused

  • duration of addiction

  • age of the patient

  • psychological state of the patient

  • physical health of the patient

  • the setting most beneficial to the patient

Medically supervised withdrawal is typically suggested for people that are dependent on:

The highly unpleasant withdrawal symptoms of these substances can be decreased by certain detox aids that may only be prescribed by a doctor. People who abuse drugs alongside alcohol, or who have suffered from serious alcoholism, are strongly advised to undergo medically supervised withdrawal. Withdrawing ‘cold turkey’ from alcohol can cause people to hallucinate, have seizures, or develop severe physical and mental complications, all of which can be avoided with specific medications provided at medically supervised detox rehabilitation. Medically supervised withdrawal is strongly recommended for anyone that has ever experienced hallucinations or seizures, has a severe illness, or has been diagnosed with particular psychological diseases.

Social detoxification is so much more effective for those who are only expected to experience moderate withdrawal symptoms from drugs like:

  • marijuana

  • cocaine

  • methamphetamine

  • infrequent opioid use

  • infrequent alcohol use

In this kind of detox, clients are monitored by medical staff and therapists who manage the clients’ health, and also help them through the cravings of withdrawal without using medications. In social detoxification, patients aren’t separated into medical rooms as they detox, but are encouraged to live alongside and socialize with other addicts in recovery. In this type of detox, patients are trained to live with each other and work alongside other addicts in recovery while they’re in a treatment program.

Help Care Addiction Recovery’s Methods

Detoxification Rehab New York is a program that provides detox with the knowledge that different substances can result in numerous and varied withdrawal symptoms. Depressants (such as barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and alcohol) typically require a steady reduction of the drug while simultaneously using medication to prevent:

  • hallucinations

  • tremors

  • seizures

  • higher blood pressure

  • higher heart rate

  • increased internal temperature

Stimulants (such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and Ritalin) don’t generally require much more than emotional support from family members, loved ones, and counselors. When appropriate, psychiatrists recommend medication to prevent stimulant psychosis, which can result in:

  • suicidal thoughts

  • suicide attempts

  • paranoia

  • psychosis

Opioids (for example, heroin, morphine, codeine, and OxyContin), depending on use, could have very minor to extremely serious withdrawal symptoms, such as:

  • runny nose

  • sweating

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • rapid pulse

  • rapid breathing

  • bone pain

  • muscle sensitivity

  • vomiting

  • diarrhea

Taking the First Step

Although it is an essential first step, detox is JUST a first step, and never meant to take the place of the whole rehabilitation process. Most detox facilities do not offer guidance after the detox process, but Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs knows how easy it is to relapse after getting clean and sober. When used in combination with other drug and alcohol abuse treatment methods, like Drug Detoxification Programs, detox can be an effective first step to recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Call Help Care Addiction Recovery’s knowledgeable specialists at 646-930-7325 for additional information pertaining to detox, rehab, and treatment, or detox and treatment locations.

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Treatment for dependency has come so far in the last ten years. It’s now a standard procedure to treat drug and alcohol abuse like any other illness, such as cancer, that requires specially designed treatment and medication to defeat. Help Care Addiction Recovery offers Programs Centers that are tested and proven to have great results.

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