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For over a decade, we have been helping men and women in the New York, NY area overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol dependency ends lives. It makes addicts feel restrained by shame and guilt and leads them to believe that there is no hope for recovery. Our staff knows that isn’t true, and hopes to lend a hand to addicts to become free of the shame and all the pain that drug dependency feeds on. Just like cancer or the flu, substance dependency is scientifically proven to be a disease.

Clinical experts specialize in drug and alcohol treatments so that all of their clients get the best care available. It’s time to stop the pointless struggling, and take the first step to get clean by contacting our treatment center today!

What Is Rehab?

Rehab, or rehabilitation, is the complicated process where an addict:

What Is Drug Dependency?

Generally, substance dependency starts with casual or recreational drug use. However, people soon discover that the amount and frequency they’re using is increasing. A major contributing factor into why addicts continue using drugs is the need to avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, which only worsens as substance abuse increases in volume and frequency. Facilities in the New York, NY area address substance addiction, which is the physical or psychological dependence that forms in response to the use of legal and illegal drugs.

  • Physical dependency occurs after continual drug use has disrupted the way nerve cells in the brain signal pleasure leading to the drug being the only source of pleasure-giving brain signals.
  • Psychological dependency, which can take longer to establish, occurs when the addict experiences stress and anxiety at the mere thought of not being able to use drugs to feel happy or normal once more.

To address addiction successfully and comprehensively, it is very important to deal with both the physical and psychological dependence on drugs. To help stop their struggling, addicts deserve a skilled, passionate staff of individuals who have the knowledge and experience to treat addiction. Treatment programs are so successful when they offer:

  • group and individual therapy
  • healthy physical activities
  • access to the 12-step community
  • an expert and supportive aftercare staff
  • beautiful, affordable living accommodations

Each and every patient’s personal needs are taken into consideration when health care professionals design tailor-made treatment programs. Though many other treatment facilities fall short, they continue to set high standards by using a variety of fact-based, healthy, affordable therapies to meet their clients’ various needs.

How Recovery Centers Address Dependency

A team of recovery specialists is responsible for the many different facets of recovery that treatment centers hope to target, such as:

  • evaluation

  • medical care

  • therapy

  • education

  • life skills training

  • drug and alcohol testing

  • relapse prevention coaching

  • orientation into self-help and support groups

  • treatment of psychological problems and emotional problems

  • family education and counseling

  • follow-up care

Our residential facility is a cross between inpatient and outpatient treatment, combining round-the-clock supervision with the goal of reintegration into society. Facilities also offer detoxification, along with intervention and rehab services to guide their path to recovery. While residing in comfortable residential accommodations clients participate in:

  • group and individual therapy

  • behavioral modeling therapy

  • daily self-help group meetings

  • recreational activities

  • trips to the gym every day

  • other social activities

Call 646-930-7325 to talk to our addiction recovery professionals for more details regarding rehab facilities, the consequences of drug abuse, or substance abuse in general.