Emblem Health Addiction Coverage

A big question to answer before going to rehab is going the treatment is going to be covered financially. Notably, costs associated with addiction care can be substantially high. Therefore, it’s important to look at possible insurance providers like Emblem Health to see if you have coverage. There are two main health care plans from Emblem Health for those seeking substance abuse coverage. Here are some details of Emblem Health’s addiction treatment plans:

Emblem Health Silver

Emblem Health Silver is the go-to plan for most customers with the company. This health plan comes in three separate tiers. Each tier is capable of covering addiction treatment. The monthly premiums for these plans usually rage between $160 to $450, which is low compared to Emblem Health’s other healthcare plans. Meanwhile, the deductibles offered by Emblem Health ranging from $1,100 to $5,100 are much higher than their counterpart health plans as well. Choosing the right health plan is all about weighing your options effectively.

Emblem Health Gold

Emblem Health Gold is an alternative healthcare plan for those that want to see a different fee structure. This plan comes in only two tiers, but both can possibly cover drug abuse treatment. The monthly premiums of $380 to $610 are much higher than its Emblem Health Silver twin plan, but this is to offset the lower deductible costs of $600 to $3,000.

Having options when looking for healthcare coverage helps patients find the best deal for them, and it lets them begin the live saving treatment they’ve always wanted. Financial issues are a prohibiting factor for many addicts, but it doesn’t have to be for you, so reach out to your health insurance and see if you have Emblem Health addiction treatment coverage today.

Using Other Coverage Options

Emblem Health, being located in Manhattan, New York City, knows how to best service their home state of New York. However, there are times when even Emblem Health isn’t able to provide for everyone. In these cases where insurance doesn’t cover all treatment, it can seem like all hope is lost. If this may be you or a loved one, remember that there are always kind, caring addiction staff waiting to help no matter what. There are other ways of getting your treatment covered, such as:

What About Medicare and Medicaid

If you don’t have health insurance for financial reasons or you are having trouble getting insurance to cover your treatment, then assistance programs might be able to help. Medicare and Medicaid are government aid programs that help those struggling with money receive the treatment they need. In New York, Medicaid covers at least the outpatient and residential services of every adult suffering from drug or alcohol dependency. However, individual circumstances will determine whether Medicare and Medicaid can be used. Medicare and Medicaid will be accepted at most major cities nationwide.

Even then, Medicare and Medicaid aren’t guarantees for getting treatment covered. In this instance, there will still be rehab center waiting and willing to help. Some facilities offer payment plans for their services, so people can at least get some treatment for the cash that they do have. Additionally, patients can sometimes find rehab services offered on a sliding fee scale.

Let us help you make the road to recovery a smooth process. We have professional staff ready to answer your questions regarding rehab, insurance, and coverage. Reach out today to find out how to make your life into what you want it to be.

How We Can Offer Assistance

The first step that many people take is finding out what treatment coverage they have through their insurance. It never hurts to speak to an insurance agent just to see exactly what services you can get covered. Regardless, remember that insurance isn’t the end of the world. There are other options for getting treatment covered, so never lose faith.

Medicare and Medicaid are both common programs that help countless people each year discard their drug habits and become healthy, sober people again. Both Medicare and Medicaid can be used when qualified for and necessary. As a last resort, payment assistance plans offered by rehab facilities help simplify the financials as well.

Give Us a Call

Being stuck in the middle of a spiraling drug addiction can make it hard to keep up hope. Many professionals are waiting to help the next person walk through their rehab doors, and you or a loved one could be next. We will get you in touch with the services you need in your area. To start on your new journey, call us at 402-268-9960 and see how you can leave addiction in the dust today.