Coverage with Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield addiction treatment has two major types of plans with many different levels and tiers. Therefore, having lots of options is great when trying to weight the costs of getting rehab treatment. An insurance agent can help walk you through what specific coverages and services are included in your current plan. Below are some details about each of the major plans, and the types of tiers you can expect:

Bronze Plan

The Bronze plan has many different tiers with many differences between them. By having multiple choices, it’s easier to find a plan that fits your specific needs. Here are the tiers to the Bronze plan:

Most importantly, each tier can cover substance abuse treatment. Monthly premiums can be found from $480 to $530. Conversely, deductibles usually range from $5,000 to $8,200.

Silver Plan

The other major alternative is the Silver healthcare plan. The tier system to the Silver plan is very similar to its Bronze counterpart. Here are some of the tiers to look at:

The monthly premiums for these tiers range from $600 to $790, while deductibles can be $6,900 to $8,200. We can help you through the initial steps of the rehab process. Don’t let insurance information or complicated finances stop you from getting the treatment that you deserve.

Navigating All the Options

The great advantage of Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield’s plan is the amount of flexibility that patient’s get in their choice. Most people are bound to find a product that they’re satisfied with and can get them the addiction treatment they need. Unfortunately, there are times when insurance just isn’t able to foot the bill for addiction care costs. If this is the case for you or someone you know, then read more about your alternatives. Here are some other ways to get addiction treatment covered, besides health insurance providers:

See About Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are assistance programs that many people use each year to cover their expenses for rehab. In general, Medicare is used by those over 65 years of age or anyone with a disability. Medicaid can be used by those with very low incomes, or a select group of others who qualify. New York state has a Medicaid program that covers the residential land outpatient costs of any adult that genuinely needs treatment. Both Medicare and Medicaid will be accepted in at least a few rehab centers in every major American city.

Payment Assistance Information

Qualifying for Medicare or Medicaid isn’t a guarantee, and sometimes can be a headache. Without government assistance, you can still get lifesaving addiction therapy with a payment plan offered by the rehab facility. Additionally, other facilities will offer their services on a sliding fee scale for those struggling with finances. Finding rehab centers that offer such services can be difficult, but that’s why we’re here to help you.

There are many great rehab centers out there ready to help the next patient they see. You or a loved one can be that person by reaching out with a quick phone call. Call today and see what you can do to make a different in a life.

The Assistance We Can Offer

Insurance coverage is the easiest way most people find a way to pay for their medical expenses. Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield has a range of options to fit the diverse financial needs of New York’s citizens. Above all, getting treatment for addiction is the most important thing, so other assistance programs like Medicare and Medicaid are there if health insurance does not help. Medicare and Medicaid are always possible backup plans that you may qualify for if insurance coverage isn’t available.

Sometimes patients find themselves in situations where Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance have all turned them down. Therefore, payment assistance plans can be found at certain rehab centers in most major cities and towns. Furthermore, rehab facilities that offer these payment plans usually offer sliding fee scale services as well.

Call Today

Rehab centers that have payment plans or offer their services on a sliding fee scale may be hard to come by. For this reason, we can help by finding the nearest facility with these necessary programs for you or someone you know. In addition, an addiction professional can help answer any important questions you may have about financial details or the process in general. You can make a difference in your or someone else’s life today by calling 402-268-9960 and getting an addiction treatment plan set up.