How Humana Can Help with Addiction Treatment

Humana takes a multi-tiered approach to its coverage and depending on the financial needs of the client they provide either a PPO or HMO plan. To clarify, a PPO option exists for people who want a flexible health plan. Meanwhile, Humana also offers an HMO plan for anyone who prioritizes low costs. Speak to an insurance representative from Humana to see exactly what kinds of addiction treatment coverages your plan gets. Here are some details about the two types of plans:

Humana Gold Plus HMO

The Gold Plus HMO lets customers take advantage of lower prices in exchange for less coverage from out of network providers. Meanwhile, this type of plan allows the patient to have $0 to $50 monthly premiums, and only $0 to $800 in deductibles. Humana Gold Plus HMO can be broken down into three separate tiers:

Humana also offers a modified version of this plan known as HMO Gold Plus SNP-DE. No matter which tier you are in, substance abuse treatment can be found for you or a loved one. Don’t worry about in-network referrals with this plan, so getting quick and easy access to addiction treatment is now lighting fast.

Humana Choice PPO

The Humana Choice PPO comes in four separate and distinct plans. The low premiums for this plan start at $0 and rise up to $210. On the other hand, deductibles for this option are normally at $0. Here is a list of the different tiers you can find:

Nonetheless, addiction treatment services can be found with any of the above tiers. Finding the right care and getting it paid for is a team effort. In short, let us do our part in helping you or a loved one by helping you find all the treatment options.

Finding Other Payment Methods

Humana is able to get many drug and alcohol addicts across the nation access to important medical care that saves their lives. Unfortunately, healthcare insurance isn’t available or extended to everyone. On the contrary, there are some members of our community that doesn’t have access to the same healthcare insurance coverage. For these people suffering through substance addiction, there are more ways of planning out finances than insurance. Here are a few other ways to make sure that your treatment or that of a loved one is paid for:

Trying Medicare or Medicaid

Medicaid and Medicare are government assistance programs for those who are over 65 years old, any age with a disability, or people with very low incomes. Both forms of assistance can be found as acceptable payment in rehab centers around the United States. Individual circumstances determine who qualifies for Medicare and Medicaid. Luckily, New York State Medicaid is available to any adult that needs reasonable and necessary residential or outpatient addiction treatment. This is the area where we can help and find a rehab facility that accepts Medicare and Medicaid.

Looking into Payment Plans

Of course, not even Medicare and Medicaid are sure-fire ways of paying for treatment. As a result, if you may be one of the people that aren’t able to get Medicare or Medicaid coverage, try to find a rehab center that offers payment assistance plans. As a result, you can utilize the payment plans or some rehab centers offer payment plans for patients who are having trouble finding treatment coverage. That’s why it’s important to remember to never lose hope in finding addiction treatment.

The rehab that could help save your life or the life of a loved one is just waiting for someone to walk through their doors. We can help you get thereby giving you the right information as easily as possible. Call right now at the number below and start preparing for a rehab experience.

Hope is Always There for Treatment

Health insurance providers like Humana do their part in delivering addiction treatment services to countless Americans every year. Once you have an idea as to what services are covered by the insurance provider, we can get started on helping find the right facility. Most importantly, the experts that want to help are standing by. Insurance is an important part of getting treatment paid for, but it doesn’t have to be the most important thing.

Medicare and Medicaid can step in to save the day if health insurance just isn’t cutting it. Consequently, not every person who applies for Medicare or Medicaid will qualify. Therefore, know that we can help find rehab centers that offer payment assistance. Call us and we can walk you through your coverage.

Reach Out Now

The way we can help best is by helping you understand the process and finding the facility that can provide the correct type of care. Likewise, all it takes to get started is a quick phone call with an addiction professional. They’ll get started right away and make sure that your are prepared for your treatment experience. To conclude, call us today at 402-268-9960 and start working to remove addiction someone’s life