Rising Parental Addiction in New York

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects more than just the addict themselves. Currently, families with a parent dependent on drugs or alcohol also affect those around them. Furthermore, almost 11 million children under the age of 11 in the United States live in a house with at least one parent who has a substance abuse problem. Parental Addiction puts the children at a risk for both direct and indirect traumas.

In response, there are organizations doing good work to help the children and adults who need assistance. For instance, Sesame Street in Communities (SSIC) has rolled out a new webinar series for therapists, first responders, community leaders, and other important figures in the community. Sesame Workshop strives to improve the lives of children all over the country by providing social education to at-risk youth in an attempt to create happy, strong, and kind young Americans

Getting Help Where It’s Needed

Parental substance addiction needs to be treated not just for the sake of the patient, but for the family as a whole. Be ready to fight your addiction for the good of the children by reading more on the Drug Rehab page. Overcoming the struggles of drug addiction is possible by calling 402-268-9960 and getting a fresh start.

Past Parental Addiction in New York City, New York

Everyone knows about the famous show Sesame Street that has been entertaining children since 1969. At the same time, an educational outreach program with a similar name has been building an informational machine to teach kids about staying away from drugs, as well as other social programs. Surprisingly, Sesame Workshop does work in over 150 countries in many different languages. Here are some key details about the webinars:

  • The webinars are free to view and available on any platform
  • They include information on how to use practical tools and methods into daily routines for managing stress, anxiety, drug use, and much more
  • The web content was created as part of a multidisciplinary approach to patient care and to help kids cope with their parent’s drug addiction

If one person in the family is dealing with a tough drug addiction, then it can affect everyone in the family. For example, children might consider themselves to blame, or may have other feelings of shame, embarrassment, or loneliness. It takes special care and attention making sure that kids get the correct answers. The help they get shouldn’t make them feel bad during such a stressful time. Thus, addiction professionals at Sesame Workshop have created content that helps children with this very predicament.

The Consequences of Parental Addiction

Children with at least one parents suffering from substance abuse can also struggle themselves with anxiety, stress, and different negative emotions. Kids deserve a happy, supportive environment to grow up in.

The Struggles that Families Face

During these times, people face an increased risk of substance abuse while they are working from home and stressed out. On top of this, the children can’t escape and go somewhere else, so learning how to cope with their parent’s drug problem is all that they can do. The curriculum and messaging in the videos is meant to help child and the professionals working with them understand each other and the situation the kid comes from. In short, shining light on important issues like this helps kids who are the unintended victims of drug addiction.

The curriculum and messaging in the Sesame Workshop is heavily researched. They use evidence-based methods of psychology and education to help teach the kids. In essence, each social program is tailored to the needs of each culture and community that Sesame Workshop goes into. Educational videos from Sesame Workshop help leaders in the community, as well as emergency responders and therapists, the knowledge to work with the children of those dependent on drugs and alcohol. Let’s figure out how we can help one another fight the drug epidemic in the most efficient way possible.

How Webinars Help

Webinar programs can be a positive force in the future of the medical and addiction industries. The advent of new materials has led to the following benefits:

  • More child-specific training for EMTs, therapists, and social workers
  • Fun new way of incorporating new material into daily practices
  • The information helps healthcare providers support young families
  • Sesame Workshop media gets distributed in over 150 countries

Giving healthcare providers a fresh perspective on how to treat children and their families with drug addiction helps keep car providers on the cutting edge of the medical field.

Getting Help

One of the biggest problems with parental addiction to drugs and alcohol is that it can be hard to get help. Sometimes, parents are ashamed of their drug habits and don’t want to have to ask for help with their child. At the same time, children may have trouble speaking to their parents or to loved ones about the problem, which only makes the situation worse.

However, reaching out for assistance can now be easy and stress free. Understanding medical professionals now know how to treat parents and children in these difficult circumstances. These webinars help the experts understand more about how to help you and your family in the best way possible. A quick and easy phone call is all it takes to get started healing again. The children are the biggest bystanders in all of this, so make sure that they get the help they need as well. Reach out to the number at the bottom of this page and turn your life around today.

Don’t Let Parental Addiction Stop You

Drug addiction rates, particularly for opioids, have been skyrocketing in the past twenty years. Everyone knows about how many people in our communities this has taken the lives of or harmed. However, not everyone takes into account the number of children that are innocent and are still affected by parental addiction.

You can read more about treatment in the local area on our New York City, NY page. There are plenty of options in the New York City, NY area to get treated for addiction to drug and alcohol. Above all, the safety of the children should come first, and the first thing that any parent suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can do is seek out drug addiction treatment for the sake of their kids. Concurrently, Sesame Workshop is doing what it can to get the important information to first responders who need it.

The health of the children needs to be put first and foremost. Make the commitment to turn your life around or the life of a loved one. Give us a call at 402-268-9960 and start working on beginning your new life today.